Muay Thai


Muay Thai Boxing

The Muay Thai Training Club 107 is open 7 days of the week from 8.30am to 7pm. For any inquiries please contact our management on: 0617896620 (English & Danish) or you are welcome to come and see us, our trainers can speak English, French, Danish, Russian and Thai. We are conveniently located near the beautiful beach-road of Jomtien in Pattaya Thailand, half-way up soi 7 turn left opposite the Mermaids Beach Resort, a small side road that takes you to the Muay Thai Training Gym, only 100 meters from the ocean in a relaxed atmosphere and still close to the heart of the city. Please check the Map at the bottom of this page or check my Pattaya Street Map for location. Free wi-fi is available in our premises and bottled drinking water and towels are very reasonably priced, also there is clean restrooms and showers for your convenience to freshen-up after your work-outs. Our club has members from all around the world, we have amateurs who come to work-out during their holiday periods and pro fighters who compete regularly here in Thailand.


The gym is equipped with a full range of free-weights and all the appropriate machines you will ever need. We always welcome male and females of all ages to become members here for a work-out and to participate in muay thai training. There are 3 fighting rings to practice in and some heavy hanging punch & kick bags. We have all the adequate equipment needed for Muay Thai training i.e. safety gear, gloves, pads etc.


 Muay Thai fighters are considered to be physically the fittest and technically the most dangerous in the world of martial arts. In our training gym, you will be able to master the techniques of this art as well as get the physical training to be able to execute them as well as some basic training and workouts.

Combat techniques: your trainer will show you each technique slowly and fast, so you can memorize them and practice on the bags.

Shadow boxing: your trainer will show you the technique and you practice in front of a mirror

Pad-work: you can practice what you have learned one-on-one with a trainer equipped with the necessary equipment (pads).

Sparring practice: what you learned with a trainer or a fighter wearing safety equipment.

We have a new open class for tourists or anyone interested in learning Muay Thai and the classes are Monday to Friday from 9am to 11am. There is No monthly membership fee for this class, price is 300 baht each time you attend.  What you will typically do in the two hour class:

  • warm-up: exercise bike or jumping rope, your choice, for a duration of 20 minutes.
  • Muay Thai fighting techniques: our trainer will show and explain each technique so you can memorize it, he will show you in slow motion as well as at actual speed for 30 minutes.
  • now you can practice the techniques with a trainer wearing protective pads inside the ring (pad-work) for 30 minutes.
  • Then finely you can go and do the same on the heavy bags (bagwork) for 30 minutes.
  • cool-off by stretching for 10 minutes.

Below is a list of session prices in Thai Baht

gym only: for one individual to use all gym equipment, including free weights & machines. For 1 day - 100 baht, 1 week - 500 baht, 2 weeks - 800 baht, 1 month - 1000 baht, 3 months - 2500 baht and 1 year - 8000 baht.

gym and thai boxing: The use of all gym equipment plus gloves, pads and bag-work. An individual per day - 200 baht, for a group with a trainer - 300 baht, a private lesson with a trainer - 500 baht, for a group monthly with a trainer - 5500 baht and an individual monthly with a trainer - 8000 baht

Daily classes at 9am to 11am for beginners include: combat techniques, bag-work, shadow boxing, physical training.

Daily classes at 3pm to 5pm for the more advanced include: Techniques, heavy pad-work, sparring and physical training.