How to get a Thai Driving License

How to get a Thai Driving License in Pattaya  (for a Car & Motorbike)

First thing to do before going to the driving test centre at the Department of Land Transportation, and I recommend you do this the day before; is make sure you have all the appropriate paperwork at hand, which include: An application form for a residence certificate from the immigration office or download Residence Application Form, take the pre-filled in form to the immigration office at Jomtien soi 5 with a copy of your property Title Deeds (Chanote in Thai) if you’re the owner or a rental agreement if you’re not the owner with utility bills or anything with your name and address to prove you live at that address, and including Passport with copies of visa and front page, also 2 passport photo’s or 3 passport photo’s if you want to obtain two residence certificates, one for car another for motorbike, then make sure to write; Car and Motorbike on the form.

  • Your Car and or Motorbike international driver’s license, or your original driving license, if you have this.
  • A medical certificate which must not be more than 30 days old, you can get this from any clinic, you don't even need to do a medical, just let them know it’s for a Thai driving license.
  • A Passport with your non-immigrant or retirement visa inside, cannot be a tourist visa, if you already have a work permit you won't need a residence certificate and a medical certificate.
  • Signed copies of the front page of your passport, your visa page, entry stamp and T.M. card, (arrival & departure card).

No need to take any photos with you to the Department of Land Transportation centre, they will take a photo of you while you’re at the test centre, to then digitally insert onto your new Thai Driving License.

At the driving test centre they prefer you to be formally dressed, this just means a shirt, blouse or dress with a collar (not mandatory).

Note: You can always get a Taxi to take you to the Department of Land Transportation centre, and when you get there you can then rent a motorbike (moped) approx. 100 - 200 baht for the practical ridding test, you can also rent a car for approx. 300 baht.


Directions If you prefer to make your own way to the Department of Land Transportation by Motorbike which is approx 16 kms from Pattaya, go north on Sukhumvit Road then after about 9kms you will see a flyover bridge on your right, you will need to pass under the bridge then turn right and follow Route 36 bypass towards No.7 Motorway, After about 7kms you should see the School of the Regents on your right hand side, staying on the 36 bypass go past the School then do a 'u' turn, now go past the School again then take the next left, then follow this small road a short way and you will see a sign (Land Transport) directing you to turn left, after you have turned left you will notice a row of shops and office's to your left, (Here you can get additional copies of your paperwork) and on your right there is a large building with Two Grand entrances, take the 2nd one, the way-in for the Driving Test Centre (Department of Land Transportation) Centre building.

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By Car there is a more direct route from Pattaya City centre to the Department of Land Transportation Centre, by heading north on Sukhumvit then onto No.7 Motorway until you see the exit for Route 36 bypass, as you come onto 36 bypass you will notice the School of the Regents on your left, go past the School then take the next left. The Department of Land Transportation Centre is open Monday to Friday 08.30 to 16.00. I suggest you arrive as early as you possibly can, it’s always very busy, and the whole process will take up most of the day, especially if you are applying for a car and a motorbike driving license, also if you come too late you will have to come back again the next day to complete the test. Enter the Department Of Land Transportation Building and on the 1st floor (ground floor) take a numbered ticket from the machine for driving licenses on the right side with (2 press buttons, Thai & Foreigner), wait for your number to be called then go upstairs to the 2nd floor and hand in your appropriate paper work to the lady at desk 11 just top of the stairs on the left.


Participate in a colour perception, reflex examination and a depth perception

Test 1. They point a stick to different colours on a board, you then tell them the colour, very easy if you're not colour blind. (As illustrated in the image opposite).

Test 2. You sit in a chair and on the floor is a brake and accelerator pedal to simulate sitting in a car, and straight in front of you approx 4 metres is a panel with a sequence of LED's, you then press down on the accelerator pedal to see green LED's moving up the panel, as soon as you see red LED's appear, quickly press down on the brake pedal.

Test 3. Your given a hand remote cord with a green button and a red button on it, and straight in front of you approx 4 metres is a small metal box, inside are 2 vertical bars side by side, when you press the red button a bar will slowly move forwards you, stop then press the green button, now wait until this bar is parallel with the other bar.


Participate in watching a two-hour video on Thai highway code and Thai driving regulations.

Participate in completing a multiple choice driving test course from a computer E-Learning system, on Thai highway code and Thai driving regulations.

Please Note: All applicants both Thai and Farang who participate in the Driving test course, must now achieve a 90 percent correct answers on a computer E-Learning system, which means you need to get 45 correct answers out of the 50 questions chosen randomly from a data base of approx 1,000 questions, as from 1st July 2014. The course is only in Thai, English, Japanese and Chinese.

Here are the most frequently used Test questions, with the answers; click below:
Exam 1
Exam 2
Exam 3
You will notice the correct answers are in bold.

Now you take a practical driving test. The driving test takes place at the Department Of Land Transportation, within the grounds on a mock road layout system and not on the main roads. It normally takes no longer than 30 minutes to complete. If you already have a full car driving license from your country then you don't need to do the practical driving test, this also applies if you already have a full motorbike license. On completing and passing your driving courses, you will be handed on the same day a temporary thai driving license, valid for one year (on a non-immigrant visa). After the one year period, you will need to apply for a new license that is then valid for three years (on a non-immigrant visa).

If you already acquire a retirement visa you can apply for a five year license the first time and every time there after.


My five-year Thai Driving License for Car was 655 Baht and for Motorbike was 405 Baht (April 2017). Each Driving License included 100 Baht processing fee.

Your motorbike license will allow you to ride a motorbike with any size "cc" engine, there is no regulation that states a maximum size.

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Important Update: As from August 2018, you can be fined upto 5,000 Baht for not having a Thai Motorbike License. (This has been strongly enforced in Pattaya, not sure for other regions of Thailand).                                                            

Updated: March 2018