Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya Nightlife

Although this is primarily a family site you cannot deny the fact that Pattaya has derived a great deal of its reputation as a tourist destination due to the sex industry. Understanding more about the-x-rated-side-of-pattaya

Officials in Pattaya are working constantly, with an on-going process to try and clean-up and improve Pattaya’s dirty reputation.

However, there are other aspects of its reputation which it also deserves. There is a lot of variety to be found in Pattaya with many different kinds of nightlife venues within a very short distance of each other. Almost every part of the Pattaya region has got some kind of entertainment which has become more popular in recent years with foreign tourists and locals alike.

There are many World Class International Restaurants in and around Pattaya and a variety of Top Class Thai Restaurants for the whole family to choose from, day and night.

Beer / Sport Bars are very popular venues with the International single tourist, families, and locals. Not only because of the lovely bar girls and what they portray but also for that relaxing drink, game of pool, or just a bar game.


Walking Street - Pattaya

Stretching for approx  1/2 mile (0.75 kilometres) from the south end of Beach Road to the Bali Hai Pier. You will find almost every building on both sides of Walking Street has got some kind of entertainment including; go-go bars, beer bars, live music venues, night-clubs, massage parlours, and world class seafood restaurants. Many of the small soi's in the area that lead up to Pattaya Second Road are more of the same. Walking Street itself is closed every night to all vehicles from 18:00 to 02:00 when the place is buzzing with bright neon lights and exotic girls enticing you into their establishments. Parking your car or motorbike close by is available in Soi 16 and Bali Hai Plaza, costs are approx 20-40 baht. However, driving or riding home after a night of partying and drinking is not at all recommended. You would be safer using the much available supplies of motorbike taxis and baht-buses.

Lady-boy shows

Pattaya is famous for its flamboyant Ladyboy (Thai: Kathoey) shows where transsexual and transgender entertainers perform like Hollywood divas, as well as female disco artists. Every evening many tourists pack into these various ladyboy venues for an enjoyable night that is full of fun, music, and dance. The most popular shows that attract International visitors for an unforgettable extravaganza are Pattaya's world famous Cabaret shows such as Alcazar, Tiffanys, and the Colosseum Show in Jomtien. Here you will enjoy an evening experiencing the most avant-garde, glitzy, and spectacular shows of all time. Pattaya and Thailand in general is one of the most well-recognized destinations for transgender and transvestite performance artists. They are known as either Ladyboys or Kathoeys (in Thai). In fact, Thailand is the most cost-effective place worldwide to acquire sex reassignment surgery, along with having the highest standards of surgeons trained in performing operations of this kind. Most of the performers already have breast implants and would typically perform before completely transitioning into womanhood by undergoing surgery on their genitals.