The X-Rated Side of Pattaya

The X-Rated Side of Pattaya

The fact's

Prostitution in Thailand is technically illegal but tolerated in most cities, including Pattaya. Prostitution has been illegal in Thailand for four decades but despite periodic attempts to clean up its world renown dirty image the sex industry continues to be a vital part of the nation’s income. One report claims it accounts for three per cent of the economy and that there are more than 2.5 million workers in the sex trade. In Pattaya alone it is estimated that there are approx 5,000 ­prostitutes and more than one million sex tourists spend their dollars, pounds and ­rubles there. Sex in Pattaya is a 24/7 business illuminated by sunshine in the day and neon at night. Even on the beach or promenade, there is no escape from freelance girls touting for business with the refrain: “Hello Sexy Man”.


Beer Bars in Pattaya, maybe you want to experience the open-air bar scene and pick-up a girl or two, you have heard the rumors. These small bars can be found almost everywhere with-in the Pattaya region day or night, however the main areas for a good night's entertainment are Soi 6, Soi 7, Soi 8, Soi Buakhao, LK-Metro and Walking Street. The Bars have proven to be very popular venues with the International single tourist, not only for that relaxing drink, game of pool or that bar game, but no doubt for the sexy bar girl and you can pay whats called a bar fine (approx 300 - 400 baht) to take the sexy girl away from the bar to your room, (short time) approx 500 to 1500 baht for a couple of hours, or all night (long time) and after the adult services to then pay her approx 2000 to 3000 baht.

Pattaya - Walking Street 

If you want somewhere that has everything, with a great choice of venues to choose from including go-go bars, beer bars, live music venues, night-clubs, massage parlours, and world class seafood restaurants then Walking Street is definitely for you. Walking Street is notorious for its red-light district and is a world-famous tourist destination that draws in foreigners and Thai nationals primarily for its unforgettable nightlife entertainment. Walking Street itself is closed every night to all vehicles from 7pm to 2am and parking your car or motorbike close by is available in Soi 16 and Bali Hai Plaza, costs are approx. 20-40 baht. However, driving or riding home after a night of partying and drinking is not at all recommended. You would be safer using the much available supplies of motorbike taxis and baht-buses.


Go-Go Bars

The adult only entertainment that takes place with-in these venues where Dancers continually interact with the customers. They walk around and solicit drinks. The dancers are trained to recognise the qualities in a customer by sizing up their appearance and personal characteristics. She will approach and attempt to establish a social relationship. Interaction can also be initiated by the customers. These clubs generate revenue by cover charges, selling drinks, and other means. Dancer's primary form of income are customer tips where dancers are entertaining the customers in exchange for money and employing all of the resources at their disposal to do so. At the end of their act or sometimes only late in the evening (dependent on club rules), you can choose a dancer and she will lead you up to a private room, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination (short-time) or you can arrange to take them back to your room (long time). The charges for these services can be twice the amount of a beer bar, including the bar-fine. Go-Go bars are mainly found in Walking Street, Soi 6, LK-Metro, and Soi buakhao areas of the city. You can easily find them with their flashing neon signs and sexy girls consistently trying to entice you into their venues.

Soapy massage / Full Body Massage (Day or Night-Time)

On entering a full body massage establishment, the first thing you’ll see is a huge glass panel (window) at the back of the room and behind this you will see a wide selection of lovely masseuse with a number pinned to their clothing, they will be smiling and hoping you’ll select one of them (or two). Once in the venue you will be seated and asked if you would like a drink, when the waiter brings your drink you can then tell him what numbered lady you have chosen. You can buy her a drink and have a chat or she will take you to the bar first to pay the charges for the upcoming services (recommend the one-off payment 1,900 baht) she will get 1000 baht of that, not include drinks and then she will take you up to a private room, which has two discrete sections, a wet area for the large bathtub and a large plastic inflatable mattress that sits on the floor (lilo), a dry area for a double bed and a sofa. You’ll be asked if you’d like another drink. Once your drink has arrived, your masseuse will lock the door.


The first stage of this experience is a thorough washing where her objective is to clean every part of your body thoroughly in a large bathtub, then a full-body nude rub-down massage on the hot, soapy inflatable mattress (lilo), Initially, you’ll lie face down on the mattress while your masseuse first covers you with hot, soapy water, then uses every imaginable portion of her body to slide over the back of your body. After which she’ll ask you to turn over for a little front-to-front, then intertwines her legs around and through yours, then massages you with her thighs. This sexual activity lasts 10-15 minutes.

Now for the final massage/adult services session of the bed. When you’re finished your masseuse will give you a final shower you’ll then dry off, put on your clothes, then go back down the stairs together.