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Activities in Pattaya

Pattaya is a great place for their many land/sea and sky activities, this page contains a list of activities which include Golf, Sky-Diving, Scuba-Diving, Bungee Jumping, Paintball, Go-Karting, 10-Pin Bowling, Fishing, Beach Volleyball, Windsurfing, Jet-skiing, Parascending and Muay Thai Boxing to name just a few.

Golf Courses & Driving Ranges in and around Pattaya

If you are visiting Pattaya for the first time and wish to play golf as a beginner or at more professional standards, then you have come to the right place.

Pattaya has proven to be a Golfer's Paradise for International golf holidaymakers and expats alike with over 20 championship designed courses to choose from at affordable prices compared to our western countries, the green fees can vary from approx. 800 to 3000 baht during the week and 1000 to 4000 baht at the weekends depending on how many holes to play (note: there are 9, 18, 27 and 36-hole courses), also caddy fees can vary from approx. 150 to 400 baht.

 A few options for traveling to these golf courses are to hire a baht bus for the day or you may like to choose one of the many golf organizations ran from Pubs, Bars and Golf Stores in Pattaya. Please select Golf Courses in and around Pattaya for a full list of Golf courses, all with-in a 55-minute drive away from Pattaya with the nearest courses first.

Pattaya Driving Ranges

  • Pattaya Golf Driving Range, 3rd Road, Near North Pattaya Road and opposite Soi 2/2. Phone: 099-432-9161
  • Diana Driving Range, Near North Pattaya Road and behind Diana Resort Hotel. Phone: 038-412-228
  • Green Way Golf Driving Range, Sukhumvit Road Jomtien, Opposite Underwater World. Phone: 038-232-083 (Office) 0833791956 (Manager)
  • Please Note: I checked Phone Numbers and updated (March 2018)

Sky-dive Pattaya is a tandem skydiving operation. We have been serving our customers with the thrill of freefall here in Pattaya since 2006. No previous experience required!

Are you ready for your lifetime experience? you will meet your professional skydive instructor for a short brief just before the jump, and then you’ll be on the aircraft on the way to altitude. You can see the beautiful view from Pattaya to Bangkok. Now it’s time to Jump!!!  You sit inside the aircraft securely fastened to your instructor. Door opens and your pulse is getting higher. We put skydiving goggles on and exit the aircraft. Enjoy the freefall and the adrenaline rush as you fall at speeds up to 220 Kph (125 Mph) per hour!! 

You will be jumping with the clothes you are wearing when you arrive at the dropzone. We recommend a t-shirt and long pants and normal running shoes (Trainers). No flip-flop sandals or high heel shoes.

For more information please click on this link. https://www.skydivepattaya.com/


Scuba-Diving and Snorkeling - Jomtien Dive Center

Do you ever fancy giving scuba diving in Pattaya a go? Excellent. Well !! You are at the right place. As such, they encourage you to dive into the adventure with Jomtien Dive Center. Learn how to dive and snorkel in Pattaya, Experience the thrill and excitement and discover Thailand’s secret seas. Besides, discover new adventures within the true wonders found beneath the sea's. At Jomtien Dive Center they want to give you the snorkeler or scuba diver the best choice they can on that particular day, so that you can experience the stunning coral reefs that Thailand has to offer. The boats depart from Bali High Pier at 9am every day, weather permitting and they will decide the best dive sites either from the night before or on the day due to weather conditions. For a private booking please contact them direct so that they can arrange different departure times. Please let them know when you are booking if you have a preferred choice or location. 

Please remember and mention to Gary at Jomtien Dive Center that you heard about them through www.pattaya-paradise.com

For much more information and to contact Jomtien Dive Center directly, then please visit: www.jomtiendivecenter.com or go to their shop, please check my Pattaya Street Map for location.


Flight of the Gibbon Zipline Jungle Tour

Flight of the Gibbon is so much more than just a Zipline tour it is a fully immersive and totally unique rainforest experience. Since 2007, Flight of the Gibbon is the original and most trusted Zipline operator in Thailand and Asia. Conveniently located about halfway between Bangkok and Pattaya (1 to 1.5 hours) we can pick you up from either location in our air-conditioned vans and then return you to your accommodation at the end of your excursion. Our Zipline course in Chonburi is located in the majestic forest, on the borders of Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary and inside Khao Kheow Open Safari Park. See The Course Map Here.

Although you don’t see the Zoo animals during your treetop experience we have included for you a complimentary Zoo Tram Tour of Khao Kheow Open Safari Park as part of your Flight of the Gibbon Experience which includes Gibbon Island, Savanna Zone, White Lions, Bears, Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes and more.

For a booking and more Information please visit us at: treetopasia.com


Pattaya Bungee Jumping, The Human Slingshot & Paintball

Pattaya Bungy Jump (Thepprasit Road, Soi 9) is a must see and must do tourist experience in Pattaya Thailand. The original Bungy Jump in Pattaya since 1989, they also have a Human Slingshot and paint-ball on the grounds. Feel the amazing rush by bungee jumping off a 60 metre high platform over a lake! Or being launched on the Human Slingshot over 90 metres, reaching a breath catching 150kph in just a second. The only licenced Bungy Jump with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT 13/01984) and conform with the highest international safety standards as set out by SANZ (Standards Association of New Zealand) and BERSA (British Elastic Rope Sports Association)

Flyboard in Pattaya

The hit of all seasons, a novelty in the world of extreme sports. In 2012, the world saw the first real, amazing flight on the feet, just like "Iron Man". It was  possible with ingenious invention called Flyboard, by Franky Zapata, world champion in aqua-bikes. The construction represents shoes, mounted on a special board and connected to the personal watercraft with a hose. All this creates two powerful jet streams of water directly under your feet. It allows you to fly up to 15 meters high over the water and do many wonderful tricks, dive like a dolphin etc. We are glad to offer you the experience of the flyboard, this incredible construction by Franky Zapata. With our team in Pattaya we can teach you how to fly high above the waters of Pattaya in no time at all.

For a booking and more Information please visit us at: flyboardpattaya.com


Pattaya Kart Speed Way (Go Karts & Off-road buggies)

Pattaya Kart Speed Way is located by Thepprasit Road, soi 9 opposite the Bungy Jump and at Pattaya Kart safety comes first then thrills and speed, you can choose from five different models of Kart, beginner to competition and depending on age group, a 450 meters Beginner Track for amateur and children with mini-karts and double- seated kart so that you can give your kid a driving lesson. Experience drivers can be thrilled in an 750 meters Professional Track, recently remade for a smooth weaving in and out giving you a wide range of different speeds to select. Beginner Track: This track is designed for a low speed kart strictly for amusement for family and children consists of 3 straights short and long, 4 right turns going through a nice green area. Professional Track: Our race circuit is an outdoor speedway format with an asphalt oval track consists of one straight and 5 left turn corners and single right challenging u-turn. Off-road and ATV options are available for your choices to take you off the limits.

Pattaya 10-Pin Bowling

In recent years 10-pin bowling has become more popular in Pattaya, maybe due to the newest Bowling/Shopping Malls, like the Avenue Major Bowling and Central Festival Bowling, to name just a couple. Very professional centres where the best players participate in both International and local Thai tournaments. Also, a game for everyone else to participate in, an indoor event day or night, socializing and entertaining with family and friends, waitress service laid on, for food and drink.


Fishing in Pattaya

Pattaya Fishing Park, on Sukhumvit road soi 62 or from soi Wat Boon. This fishing park is always well stocked with about 3,000 various fish, including Mekong giant catfish, striped catfish and Nile tilapia. The easiest fishing is near the far bank where there are many smaller fish and to reach them you will need a 50m+ cast. To ketch the larger fish you will need to cast your bait near the centre of the pond, but you will not catch as many fish from there. The Mekong catfish varies from about 10kg - 85kg. By taking your own tackle, its good practice to use a 30-50lb line and rods rated to at least 12kg+ max drag, 40lb+ line or PE 3+. The cost's for farang to fish is 1,500 baht including rod, for Thais only 300 baht. Bait ฿40/Kilo, you will need at least 1kg per hour of fishing. Food and drinks are always available, but can only be purchased from the park and Alcohol is expensive too, for a large bottle of Leo beer Farang pay 100 baht, Thais pay 70 baht.

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm   Telephone: 081 652 7829

Beach volleyball has become a very popular activity in Pattaya in the past few years with International tourist and local Thai's, there are sometimes organized tournaments for the more professional players.    

Beach Volleyball courts are at Jomtien Beach Road opposite the night market and opposite Pattaya Park Jomtien.

Game of play, the ball may touch any part of the body (except during the serve, when only the hand or arm may make contact), but must be hit, not caught or thrown. During a hit, a player may only make contact with the ball one time.

With its origins in Hawaii and California, beach volleyball is strongly associated with a casual, beach centric lifestyle. As it developed nearly parallel with modern surfing, beach volleyball culture shares some similarities with surf culture. The beach bum archetype is one such example.

Fashion often extends from the clothing worn during play, like the bikini or board-shorts. And much like surfers, beach volleyball players are at the mercy of the weather; patterns of play often develop based on weather conditions like sun and wind.


Thai Wake Park (Pattaya)

Our aim at THAI WAKE PARK was to design a Cable Wakepark that would give riders of all levels the opportunity to try the great sport of cable wakeboarding and wakeskating. We here at THAI WAKE PARK remember how daunting the first few experiences are on the cable so we’ve constructed the cable to progress riders from their first few steps, to where ever their abilities and imagination will take them! we have a pick-up service around the lake so that we can drive you and your board, back to the start dock. Letting you enjoy more time riding on the water, not walking around the lake.

Open daily 09:00 am - 22:30 pm.  Thai Wake Park (Pattaya) Address: 58/3 Bang Lamung Ban Nong Pla Lai, Chon Buri, Thailand

For more info and booking, please click on this link. https://joinfull.com/products/thai-wake-park


Windsurfing Youth Clubs are at Jomtien, one opposite soi 6 beach road and another one opposite Pattaya Park beach front. Jomtien has proven to be a good place for windsurfing due to the regular windy conditions and there are sometimes organized tournaments for the more professional standards.

Jetskiing can be found along the beach fronts of Pattaya and Jomtien if you fancy a go.

Parascending is very popular, and at Pattaya beach they will take you out in a speed boat to a giant like take off and landing raft, and at Jomtien you will take off and land at the beach itself.

Banana Boat Riding is also very popular and can be found along the beach fronts of Pattaya and Jomtien.

Jomtien parascending2